transfer factor
Transfer Factor

Many of us must have heard about the colostrums means milk produced in the first few days after childbirth. Colostrums contain lot of immune factors which are passed from mother to child. As new born have a small digestive system this provides them nutrients in a powerful low volume form. This is an important factor in immune which is in a group of molecules which is called “Transfer Factor”.

Transfer Factor theory was the subject of thorough research for several years. The theory is based on the principle that information about key immune is transmitted from cell to cell. These transferred cells teach our protected system to recognize definite bacteria and viruses. This is helpful in boosting the immunity to fight with any deceases or helps to the human being suffering from chronic deceases.

The job of immune system is to recognize harmful attackers and demolish or neutralize them before they cultivate and make you ill. These transfer factors allow the system to memorize the circumstances for which immunity has been already recognized. These factors are very tiny protein molecules i.e. an electrically neutral set of minimum two particles held together by covalent chemical association. If a person has been suffered with smallpox in infancy, the body develops a remembrance of that disease which prevents the person from becoming re-infected in future.

Colostrums also available in the form of supplements which are available AT Nutraing. Our Colostrums Supplements will provide you highly efficient Immune System which reduces the burden of frequent illness. It standardizes auto immunity in our body. It also protects a human being from allergic reaction by dust, food, pets etc. Our Transfer Factor is good for chronic health problems like HIV and Viral Hepatitis, Allergic medical conditions like food allergies, fever, asthma or many skin deceases, sever deceases like Cancer etc. These products are made from healthy, biologically fed Cow’s drinkable and purified a combination of pure transfer molecules. If the Transfer Factor are sourced from Chicken, then specific Transfer Factors are gained from healthy / strong chickens and united with specific growth factors gained from Colostrums. Various painstaking techniques are involved in additional purification and separation result in purest Transfer Factor. Every product undergoes thorough testing to ensure the appropriate and perfect levels of each TF are present before it is packed in bottle or encapsulated for delivery.

Now you can easily increase your immune system by taking Transfer Factor verbally to fight with above mentioned and numerous factors of falling sick. A normally prescribed dose for adults which starts with 3 per day or as directed by the Doctor and if you have any chronic decreases you can increase your dose up to 6 per day or as directed by the Doctor. Children can take 3 per day or as directed by the Doctor. Also, those who are lactose intolerant or who are sensitive need not be concerned about a reaction since all evidences of milk lactose and proteins have been taken out during the extraction procedure.

In short; Our Transfer Factor products are immensely important for Immune system management and will support / strengthen your immune cell activity. If you have chosen Transfer Factor you have taken a step forward to a stronger and Enhancing Immunity.

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