Finished Products

Change in lifestyle along with stressful life and global warming has introduced the modern young and dynamic Indian youths to many life style diseases like diabetics, Cardio vascular diseases, Blood pressure, Obesity, weak immune system and many more. The best way to fight theses diseases is to avoid them i.e prevention of disease. And if you still suffer than try to control the disease so that is minimises the damage to your body.

We at N.I. believe in: “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. With our experience in developing various Nutraceutical products for global market and studying the Indian scenario, we have identified few key areas pertaining to the health of Indian consumers and developed the products which can be easily consumed by Indian consumers.

With great pleasure we would like to introduce to our Nutracuetical products specifically developed for Indian market:

N.I. Colostrum Chews

N.I. Pomegranate Green Tea

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