Colostrum FAQ'S
FAQ’S Of NI Colostrum Chews
  • Q. What is Colostrum?

    • A. Colostrum is Creamish yellow milk secreted by Mammals during first two days after giving birth to young ones. It is mother nature’s first food. It gives the required immunity for the new born infant to fight various bacterial and viral infections. It also assists in growth of the new born infant.
  • Q. From where does the colostrum of N.I. Colostrum chews come from?

    • A. N.I. Colostrum chews are made from Colostrum (commonly known as cheekh) derived from the first 24 hrs milking of bovine (buffaloes) after birth of new born calf. Colostrum is mother nature’s first food. This colostrum is than pasteurised and dried at low temperature (in order to protect all the natural nutrients and health factors of Colostrum) in to powder. This powder is used to prepare delicious chews in American ice-cream flavour.
  • Q. What are the essential nutrients of Colostrum?

    • A. Colostrum is rich in essential nutrients like proteins, Vitamins and minerals. But apart from these, it also contains important transfer factors such as immune and growth factors which an expectant mother prepares in her body prior to delivery. These transfer factors help in developing the immune system of new born infant to fight various viral and bacterial infections and also help in overall growth.
  • Q. What are the immune factors of Colostrum and how do they help us?

    • A. The Colostrum contains various immune factors like Immunoglobulin’s, lactoferrin, Proline rich Peptides (PRP), leucocytes, lysozymes, cytokines and many more. These immune factors are superior in defence in both treatment and prevention of viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies and cancers. For smooth running of immune system , communication between cells is very essential. These growth factors accelerate the communication thereby preventing the illness and also speeding up the recovery process.
  • Q. what are growth factors of Colostrum and how do they help us?

    • A. The growth factors of colostrum are Epithelial Growth factors (EGF),Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF A and B) and Platlet derived growth factors (PDGF). These growth factors stimulates growth, helps in regeneration and improve normal growth of aged or injured muscles, bones, cartilage ,skin, collagen, and nerve tissues. Growth factors also stimulate the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissues in time of fasting (diet) and build and retain lean muscle (non-diet).
  • Q. Why should an adult need colostrum supplementation?

    • A. After going through puberty, our bodies gradually decrease in its production of the immune and growth factors that help combat disease. With the loss of these vital components, we are more susceptible to the aging process, thereby shortening our life expectancy. Colostrum and its various components have the ability to ward off bacterial and Viral infections. Colostrum also has the ability to stimulate tissue repair, something that becomes more and more valuable as we grow.
  • Q. Is it safe to take colostrum derived from Bovine?

    • A. Prior to delivering an infant, the expectant mother prepares a mix of immune agents, which are included almost exclusively in the colostrum.. This mix contains health factors which are not species specific in function. Hence the health factors produced by a Horse are just as effective in cats or Humans as in other horse. This means that bovine colostrums can transfer valuable immunising data to humans without any allergic response. Studies have shown that health factors of Bovine (buffalo) colostrum is similar to Human Colostrum. Hence Bovine colostrums can be consumed by Humans.
  • Q. Why not get colostrum from local dairy?

    • A. You can...it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within a reasonable period of time. Raw colostrum differs from processed colostrum because it contains immune factors from just one parent. Processed colostrum is beneficial because it is pooled from hundreds and sometimes thousands of buffaloes (Bovine) that provide broad based immune factors.
  • Q. Why Colostrum in chews form?

    • A.To get maximum benefits from Colostrum , It has to be first mixed with saliva , where the digestion process starts. Colostrum  milk powder is not palatable and cannot be consumed by everyone. So we have prepared Colostrum chews in delicious American Ice-cream flavour, which can be consumed by everyone. Utmost care has been taken to preserve the natural components of Colostrum while preparing chews.  While consuming N.I. Colostrum Chews , you enjoy a toffee along with all health benefits of Colostrum.
  • Q. How much Colostrum should I take?

    • A. Each person is unique (age, weight, health problems) as to the amount of colostrum needed to achieve an optimal benefit. Remember, colostrum is a food and can safely be taken when used as recommended on the label.
  • Q. What if I am Lactose intolerant?

    • A. Lactose content of colostrum is very less. Generally people who are lactose intolerant can take colsotrum without any problems. We recommend them to start with one chew per day and gradually increase to two – three chews per day, if you do not face any problems.
  • Q. Can I take Colostrum with other drugs or supplementation?

    • A. Colostrum works in the digestive tract so that all substances taken internally (food, herbs, natural healing substances, and medications) will become more bio available to the body. Colostrum has no reported interaction with any drugs or supplements.
  • Q. Can I take N.I Colostrum chews while pregnant or nursing?

    • A. Colostrum is believed to be very safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. But please consult your doctor before taking N.I .Colostrum chews.
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