Contract Manufacturing
The problems faced by herbal and Nutraceuticals companies are:
  • Consistent Quality.
  • Increase in market Competition
  • Increase in product cost.
The above problems have led the companies to outsource products. The location for outsourcing should have the following:
  • Good quality products at reasonable rates
  • Most of the ingredients are manufactured. This helps consistency in quality and reduction in cost.
  • Availability of Latest technology.
  • New product development.
  • Strong in pharmaceutical products. So that the products are manufactured as per Pharmaceutical quality and cGMP standards to deliver consistently good quality products.

The destination which fulfils above requirements is India, with is strong presence in Pharmaceutical and a rich heritage of natural products.

With Our experience of more than a decade , we offer the following advantages :
  • Technically strong to supply, source and develop consistently good quality products.
  • Experience of Nine years in Indian/International Nutraceutical market in Developing, Manufacturing and marketing of herbal and Nutraceutical products.
  • Strong in developing new products as per regulations.
  • We serve various customers in India, Europe , US and Asia.
  • We offer total solutions right from sourcing ingredients, development of products , manufacturing , packaging , development of marketing literatures.
Service offered by us:
Specialized products:
  • Probitoics for various indications .
  • Enzyme based products.
  • Functional foods and drinks.

All the products can be offered under private label and also the products can be manufactured as per your formulation.

All the products can be packed as per your requirements in following ways:
  • Bulk packing
  • Blister packing
  • Pot /bottle packing
  • Cylindrical tube packing for effervescence tablets.
  • Tins for functional drinks.
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