N.I. COLOSTRUM CHEWS(Bovine Colostrum Chewable Tablets)
N.I. Colostrum Chews
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N.I Colostrum Chews
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  • N.I. Colostrum Chews is food product (not medicine). It is made from colostrum (commonly known as cheekh , beri) milk powder. Colostrum milk is collected during 24 hrs of milking of Bovine (buffalo) after birth of calf. It is flavoured with American ice cream flavour to give a delicious toffee like taste and can be easily consumed by people of all age group. It is like a toffee giving all the health benefits of colostrum.
  • N.I. Colostrum chews contains 90 known health factors i.e Immune Factors and Growth Factors along with micronutrients vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • N.I. Colostrum chews immune factors helps in building and strengthening the immune system, which guards the body against the diseases and accelerates the recovery process from illness.
  • Bovine Colostrum Chew’s Growth factors stimulates growth and body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscles tissues, helps in regeneration and improve normal growth of aged or injured muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, collagen and nerve tissues.
Bovine Colostrum Chews are ideal dietary supplement for the following:
  • Children who are weak and often fall sick.
  • People who regularly fall ill.
  • People suffering from allergy and asthma.
  • People recovering from illness and medications.
  • People desiring to remain healthy and prevent illness.
  • People on diet.
  • People who want to increase lean muscle mass.
  • People who want to stay young and beautiful.
  • People with weak immunity and suffering from frequent cough & cold, Gastro problems, T.B, AIDS, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type I Diabetes, etc.

Nutritional Profile

Each 1.5 grams chew contains:

Colostrum 500 mg (30% IgG Content)

Highest Colostrum Content per serving than any other product available in market.

Nutritional Facts (Approx)

  Per 100 grams Per Chew (1.5 grams)
Protein 18 grams 270 mg
Fat 7.3 grams 110 mg
Carbohydrate 55 grams 825 mg
Energy 357.7 Kcal 5.7 Kcal
Carbohydrates from sugar 26 grams 390 mg

Recommended dose

2-3 chews per day.

3 N.I. Colostrum Chews contains 1.5 grams of Colostrum and 450 mg of IgG.

To get optimum benefit of Colostrum, It is recommended to take N.I. Colostrum Chews altelast for 3-4 months.


90 N.I. Colostrum Chews in American Ice-Cream flavor per HPDE Bottle.

Benefits of Bovine Colostrum

Nutritional Value: Colostrum is special Bovine milk, low in fat, and high in carbohydrates, protein, it’s a unique food supplement rich in a variety of biologically active proteins including immunoglobins.

Immune System Booster: Colostrum helps to support immune system function, fight against bacteria & viruses and also helps to improve skin & muscle rejuvenation.

Anti-Inflammatory Property: Arthritis & Colitis leads to pain and swelling, as colostrums has anti-inflammatory properties helps to cure such kind of pain.

Alzheimer Treatment: It has been proved clinically that Colostrum has helped to cure Alzheimer, a disease related to brain. Colostrum consists of a substance called as Phosphatidylserine, its quite effective against Alzheimer.

Anti-Aging & Anti-Oxidant: Colostrum contains antioxidants and the precursors to glutathione which help clean up these pollutants from the body and reverse the damage they do to the body.

Asthma Treatment: Lactorferrin and Peptides in Colostrum helps to regulate the inflammatory factors and thus it reduces the severity of reactions and asthma attacks taking place in the lungs and bronchitis.

Cancer Treatment: Colostrum consists of Cytokines & Lactalbumin which are effective against cancer. These ingredients help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells within the human body.

Detoxifying Agent: Colostrum consists of detoxifying properties that destroy harmful pathogens which can colonize the gut and cause major health problems such as gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Remember the old saying: “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.
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