boost immune system
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Boost Immune System with Nutraceutical Ingredients

Nutraceutical Ingredients is one of the largest suppliers of best quality Nutraceutical products. We have been directing the Nutraceutical industry to modernism, quality products and service since a long time now. Nutraceutical Ingredients is based in Mumbai, with more than a decade of experience of Nutraceuticals in Global market.

Whether bulk or finished, we provide our customers with the best quality Nutraceutical products. We are backed by a team of experts having adequate experience and techno commercial knowledge in the field.

We have developed a special kind of finished product that can be consumed by people with weak immune systems. This is one of the most unique Nutraceutical product developed by us called the N.I colostrum chews. N.I. colostrum chews are Ideal Dietary supplement for people to boost up their immune system , to fight infection and immune related chronic diseases such as T.B, AIDS, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type I Diabetes, G.I. Tract infection, etc and enhance the growth of cells, lean muscle mass and cartilage and nerve tissues.

Apart from this we also indulge in the Supply and Sourcing of quality bulk Nutraceutical products for various applications such as Anti-Diabetics, Weight Management, Joint Care Management, Brain Management, Liver Management, Lipid Reduction, Sweetners, etc.

All our products are manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities following cGMP and other guidelines as per the product requirements. Our main aim is to serve the Global Nutraceutical Industry with time tested and quality bulk and finished Nutraceutical Products.

N.I. Colostrum Chews
Enhances Immunity Resist Illness
Colostrum Chews: Immune System Booster
Price: 1170.00 per bottle of 90 Chews
Availability: In stock
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boost immune system